November 2019

to Tour Or Not To Tour?

Mountain with golden cloud covering it

I have been all over the world, as most of you know, but I haven’t talked too much about how I travel and what tours I use.  So, I want to talk about the differences between going on a tour and going it on your own.  I’ll discuss three types of travel arrangements:  an organized tour, a “go on your own” tour, and a customized trip arranged by me, your Travel Advisor.


I have a couple tour groups that I have used that are my go-to companies.  One is very affordable and budget friendly, but still treats you with four-star service and the suggested hotels are usually four stars as well. The other company is more expensive, but the tours are longer and you get more down time for yourself.

I have taken 5 trips with a tour company that is more affordable, and I can say that I have loved each tour and they have met my requirements and I have been satisfied each time.  We have gone to China, Switzerland, Peru, Greece and Japan with this company.

In those countries, it was nice to have a tour guide who can help with the language, particularly in China, South America and Japan. Having a tour that allows you to see the main points and attractions of each location in a condensed time frame is great. For people who don’t have a lot of time to get away, but still want to enjoy and experience the culture and foods of a new country, there are tours as short as 7 to 9 days.

I chose an independent tour to Japan. As promised, they picked us
up at the airport and got us to our hotel in Tokyo. We did one excursion during the week with them, but then we booked other activities to do separately. Because we weren’t bound to a tour’s schedule we were able to travel by train and stay in some other cites as well.

Both of those tour options are great ways to travel, with the added
security and knowledge of a tour guide.

On Your Own, OR, Build Your Own

The third option is to have a great Travel Advisor help you plan and build your own vacation with all of your thoughts and needs addressed.

I have built my own vacations from scratch, from visiting 11 countries in 17 days to going to Australia and New Zealand for three weeks.

Japanese Pagoda reflected in lake

We can customize your trip to include some day tours with a great tour company. They pick you up at your hotel or meet you in the center of town, take you out for the day on the tour and then bring you back. This way you still get to see museums or landmarks without worrying about how to get there and the long lines that might be there.

There is always a package and tour company that will work for what you need and if there is not, we can make you one with exactly what you want to see and do, as well as including down time and time to explore on your own.

Greek columns-ruins

My upcoming trip is a tour to Brazil. We will be in four countries and will be gone for 22 days. We will be in Brazil, go down the Amazon, as well travel to Buenos Aires, Chile and Easter Island.

This tour is longer than most that I do, but being able to have a day to explore on my own at each location was something that I really wanted to do, and this tour does this very thing.

If you want to hear how the trip went, tune in
next time!

I wish you safe travels, wherever you go!

Jennifer Lamfers, ACC, CCC