Convert cash here or there?

What to do when the airline is hit by a strike?

Which medications should you ALWAYS pack?

May 2020

South America or BUST!

Volume 2, Issue 1

Amazon Sunset

November 2019

To Tour Or Not To Tour?

Volume 1, Issue 3

Mountain with golden cloud covering it

What's your travel style?

Do you prefer a group, or would you rather go solo?

Do you just want to explore on your own?

Do you like a lot of "down" time?

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How do you decide what to take?

Can't I just take everything? Won't the bell hop take care of it?

How to I get around the "quart bag limit?"

What's the best way to pack?

What's the best suitcase to buy?

July 2019

OMG! How do I pack?

Volume 1, Issue 2

July 2019 Newsletter

April 2019


Volume 1, Issue 1

April 2019 Newsletter

Do you know the BEST place to get foreign currency?


Do you really have to get a passport?  You're only going to Canada!


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