July 2019

OMG! How do I pack?

Alright.  You’ve made all of your arrangements and you’re ready to go, but what should you take?  I’m the type of person who has one of every kind of bag, so I had to really cut down my proverbial footprint.  First things first.  What should you put it all in?  When I started travelling, I took an absolutely HUGE suitcase with enough clothes to last much longer than my trip.  I didn’t even wear all of them.

If you’re going on a cruise, take whatever you like as your luggage is handled for you.  If you’re not going on a cruise, get a good, small suitcase.  This doesn’t need to be expensive, and either a backpack style or roller type will work nicely.  I avoid hard case bags as I have seen firsthand that they can split or crack.  With a soft bag, you can get always get some duct tape and you’re good to go.

Now I travel with a backpack/suitcase that I can carry on the plane.  It’s opens like a suitcase, instead of loading from the top like a backpack.  It has a removable divider inside, as well as several pockets and a padded sleeve for a laptop on the back.  It has many options to make packing easier.<

When you’re packing, remember that less is more.  I learned this the hard way.  Whatever you pack, you have to carry with you on your trip.  That sounds stupid, but if you’re going to travel around Europe, you’re probably going to take at least one train as you’re moving between countries.  Imagine the

Jennifer Lamfers: Packed and ready to go!

difference in effort required to navigate a train station with a large suitcase versus navigating with a small roller suitcase or a backpack.  Another issue is that a larger suitcase can be heavy, and if you’re travelling to different places this can become an problem.

For the packing itself, I always roll my clothes up like sausages.  I usually bring sport-type bras as they take up less space.  I like to travel with either old t-shirts or inexpensive shirts that I find on sale.  Often I discard them as I go to make more room in my bag for souvenirs.

Open suitcase with clothes inside.

Only buy bug spray or suntan lotion once you arrive at your destination.  These types of items take up space in your liquid carry-on bag.  You can still only travel with a maximum 3.4 oz. container of liquids, gels or aerosols, and everything combined must fit into one quart sized clear plastic zip top bag.

Here is my list of travel essential for most trips:
  1. Passport and visas (if needed) and identification
  2. Document holder with all your tickets, etc.
  3. Download any apps needed such as airline tickets, train tickets and city maps
  4. A good suitcase
  5. A pre-planning list
Here is my packing list:
  1. Clothes: shirts, pants, undies etc., for days needed
  2. Shoes: one pair tennis shoe/hiking style shoe, sandals or flip flops and one dress flat shoe (black) that can go with any dress or evening look.
  3. Chargers to all devices. Look up international chargers for International travel
  4. Sunglasses and sunhat
  1. Bathing suit and cover up if needed
  2. A light jacket with a hood in case it rains or a layered one if you’re going to a colder climate
  3. Small compact umbrella
  4. Refillable plastic or metal water bottle

I hope this list can help you plan for future trips and remember, I’m always here to help plan your next adventure or vacation.

No stress.  No worry.  The thrill is in the Journey.

Jennifer Lamfers
Lamfers Journeys, ACC,